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WATCH: “As I picked him up, I shed a tear” – Sergeant who found abandoned boy

The newborn baby rapped in a sky blue shirt was left abandoned on the doorstep of the Cyril Court apartments building at the entrance of Pioneers Road, in Buġibba. Qawra police were informed of the case at around 4.00 in the afternoon and it was Sergeant Glen Carabott who embraced the baby and picked him up from the door step.

Sergeant Carabott told TVM that initially when he was informed that an abandoned baby was found, he thought it was a small boy or girl that was locked outside. He said that, however, when he arrived on site he saw a new born baby on the ground. The Sergeant said he had never faced a similar case during his 16 years in the Police Force.

Visibly emotional, he stated that as he arrived on site and saw the scene he took a photograph to preserve the evidence. He added that when he picked up the baby, the boy took hold of his finger and at that moment he shed a tear.

The Sergeant said that the baby’s umbilical cord was still intact.

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