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WATCH: “As soon as I grabbed his hand, they took me straight to the hospital” – Irina, Dan Udrea’s wife

Irina Udrea, the widow of Dan Udrea who lost his life tragically in an accident in Imriehel, still has visible scars from the freak accident in which she lost her husband. Nine days after the accident, Irina said she is grateful for all the support she has found in Malta and said that she would be coming back and keep living here she takes her husband to be buried in his native country, Romania next month. Irina spoke with TVM about what she has been through since the morning of 10 February.

Irina said, “I remember waking up and not knowing what happened. And then I heard the first arrivals, the ambulances. They were cutting the tree and there was a lot of noise. This is when I realized that something happened because it happened all of a sudden. We had already passed the tree when it fell from behind us. We could not anticipate it.”

Visibly emotional, Irina is still suffering from the serious injuries she sustained in this terrible, unlucky accident which took the life of her husband, Dan Udrea, 38.

She described to TVM what happened on the morning of 10 February while they were going to work. She said that normally, from Mosta where they live, they pass through Balzan, but because of the rain they changed their route and passed through Birkirkara. The last thing they spoke about was work.

Irina said, “I remember calling Dan many times but there was no answer. I managed to grab his hand but at that moment they took me out to hospital and there they told me what happened.”

Irina added that she is going to try and be strong for her two children, Edy, aged 3, and Oli who is only six months old. She said that Edy asks for his father every day and waits for him to come home to fix his toys.

“I explained to him that Daddy is on a journey.  Someday when they grow older I will be able to explain to them. I will keep them alive in their memories. To grow up without a father is difficult for them, but I’ll do my best,” said Irina.

Dan Udrea’s body will be taken to Romania for the burial in the next few days.

“They are arranging the flight for the 3rd of March … Dan’s mother left yesterday to Romania because his father is there alone and it’s better for her to be with him,” said Irina.

When we asked her whether she plans to come back to Malta after the funeral, Irina said yes. They have been living in Malta for almost six years and their three-year-old son will soon start school.

Irina said, “we had stability here so I’m going to carry on and do my best whatever it takes, even if I have to do 5 jobs”.

Irina, had only words of gratitude for all the people who have been helping her, including Dan’s friends and colleagues, the hospital staff, the Government, the President of Malta  and Air Malta.

“A big thank you from the bottom of my heart and my family to everyone. I hope someday I can repay everyone somehow,” Irina added.