WATCH: At the age of eight she already knows four languages

“My name is Miroslava Marta Maria Francesca Bodishtianu but everyone calls me Mira.  I am eight years old and was born in Malta. I can speak Russian and English fluently and I also study Maltese. You can say I am half Russian, half Maltese. I would prefer to speak in English during this interview, if you don’t mind.”

At the tender age of 8, Mira Bodishtianu, who was born in Malta but whose parents are Russian, is extremely intelligent and in fact already knows how to speak four languages well, namely Russian, English, Maltese and even Japanese. Mira has also shown an interest in subjects which are normally taught to secondary students, including chemistry.

“So far my favourite subject is chemistry or physics but this is like at the background. It means that I study them with my grandma not in school, not yet at least, but my favourite subject in school is technology.”

From so many languages, why has she chosen to learn Japanese as well?

“Japanese, I like the country cause they have many stuff and I want to go there and when I go there I can talk in Japanese to people.”

Mira also shows a lot of interest in what is happening around her and recently began transmitting a weekly news bulletin on YouTube.

She believes that manners are a very important part of one’s success in life. So, together with her grandmother she made 8 videos about this subject.

“I got an 8 series video about etiquette. Which is about protocol and etiquette. Good manners is the key to respect. So if you have good manners people will respect you.”

Like all other children, Mira also has various hobbies.

“The hobby is to go with my dog and find interesting stuff like shells and glass things or interesting rocks or leaves and I like to take my seashore book with me so I can tick what I saw and what I didn’t and I read about it.”

However, apart from academic subjects Mira also studies the piano and singing and practices four sports disciplines. Karate, in which she already has an orange belt, gymnastics, swimming and she has now also taken up diving.