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WATCH: Ate their fill and ran off without paying

Three young men who on Friday evening were eating at a restaurant in Marsascala ran off from the place without paying. The youths, most likely foreigners, were eating on an open-air table of the restaurant which lies near the locality’s playing field.

A security camera footage shows the young men collecting their mobile and personal things from the table and looking around them. As all the waiters distanced themselves from clients, the youths suddenly stood up and ran off.

Persons who at the time were in the same road said that they also saw them running away from the restaurant, and noticed them again at the same area around an hour later.

The restaurant’s owners published photos of the youths on the social media with the hope of being identified, while they inquired if they could be the three Serb youths who are currently wanted by Police.

TVM is publishing an out-of-focus footage as the young men appear to be minors, however it is handing over the original footage to the Police.