Watch: Athletes in Tokyo investigated for taking part in alcohol parties

A number of athletes are being investigated after taking part in alcohol parties in the Olympic village and violating Covid-19 rules.

At a news conference, Tokyo 2020 Chief Executive Toshiro Muto said the organizers of the Olympics were aware of this violation. He said that in the coming days the necessary steps will be taken depending on the outcome of the ongoing investigations.

Asked by reporters present about the identity of the people involved, Muto said that at this stage he could not specify how many athletes were involved in this case, nor their nationality.

While the Chief Executive of Tokyo 2020 referred to a specific case that took place on Friday evening, in recent days on social media, reference was made to more than one party. Earlier this week, Spanish basketball player Cristina Ouviña, among others, ended up in the centre of controversy after posting a video on her Instagram profile of a party in the Olympic village. An image that has troubled a number of Slovenian athletes who appear to be playing cards with a number of bottles of alcohol next to them after beating the Argentine team.

According to Olympics rules, athletes can consume alcohol, however because of the pandemic, athletes can do this only on their own, in their respective rooms.