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WATCH: Banksy kicked out after gatecrashing Venice Biennale

Anonymous artist Banksy has done it again, this time by gatecrashing the largest art exhibition in the world.

The artist set up his latest artistic work in the streets of Venice but it appears not to have gone down too well with the authorities, as his message, as usual, carries a clear, biting social message.

In his work of art, Banksy is poking fun at the tourism authorities who, in order to rescue Venice are only thinking short-term, as business which is coming from cruise liners is ruining the beauty of this unique city which is considered a world heritage site.

Despite the fact that the Venice Biennale is one of the largest and most prestigious art exhibitions in the world, the rebel artist has never been invited to participate.

This work of art which is painted in oil, is entitled ”Venice in oil” and is making a direct reference to the fact that the city is drowning in the oil which is being spilled by these large cruise liners.

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