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WATCH: Belief that Carnival volunteers are the least appreciated

Time literally flies, as the saying goes. And soon enough, it’s time for Carnival, which is characterised with merrymaking, flamboyant costumes and floats in every shape, size and colour. Not forgetting the delicious Carnival prinjolata confection, of course.

We now enjoy both a winter and a summer Carnival, both being events which entertain and attract people from every sector.

Despite all this, one of the masterminds behind the Carnival floats, Raymond Zerafa, believes that with the passage of time, Carnival enthusiasts are not as numerous as in previous years.

Mr Zerafa explained that the efforts of volunteers who all work hard are behind the many multi-c0loured floats which will soon be driven through the main streets of Malta and Gozo.

Mr Zerafa feels, however, that the many volunteers who all gather round to lend a helping hand in the work on the Carnival floats is the least appreciated volunteer work, as he believes the volunteers lack sufficient funds and resources for their efforts.

As a result, Mr Zerafa adds, many hold back from offering to help with the preparations.

For more Carnival-related content, you can follow “Mill-Qarċilla sas-Salib”, every Sunday at 10.00 a.m. on Television Malta.

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