Watch: Ben Camille behind the scenes in a last minute check on contestants before X Factor Malta’s second Live Show

A week away from the first X Factor Live Show, this evening the competition between the ten continues in the much loved and anticipated show particularly among music enthusiasts around the Maltese islands.

Last week, the first Live show opened with a spectacular a performance which saw a number of dancers and singers and an array of colours.

Tonight, saw a rather unusual opening with a video of Ben Camille, X Factor Malta presenter checking out the contestants behind the scenes and finally emerging immaculately dressed on stage, in front of the thousands who were present.

The MFCC is packed to the gills and adrenalin is pumping at an all time high for contestants who will perform on stage today.

As was the case last week, this evening, the choice of who will go to the next round of the program is in the hands of the public, as- televoting will determine which of the ten contestants will not make it to the third Live Show one week from today. As the evening draws to a close, two singers with the least amount of votes will face off against each other, at which stage the jury will eliminate one of them.

Meanwhile, these are the televoting relative to each singer / a:

F.A.I.T.H – 5061 4401

Celine – 5061 4402

Jasmine – 5061 4403

Dav. Jr – 5061 4404

Justine Shorfid – 5061 4405

Bloodline – 5061 4406

Yazmin & James – 5061 4407

Kyle – 5061 4408

Destiny – 5061 4409

Karl Schembri – 5061 4410

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