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WATCH: Birzebbugia residents irritated by pollution caused by ships’ chimneys

The changes to the Delimara power station which were aimed at reducing the amount of air pollution was good news for the residents of Marsaxlokk and Birzebbugia.

However, the pollution headache seems to have returned for the residents of this area who are now realizing that the thick smoke is coming from a different source.

As the commercial activity at the Freeport continues to grow, so does the pollution from the ships’ chimneys. While some of the ships do not seem to be belching as much smoke as one would expect, others are choking the shoreline and the surrounding areas with a cloud of thick, black smoke.

Residents who are uploading footage and photos from these ships on social media are asking why as citizens they have to submit their cars to a VRT and pay a higher licence for old cars which pollute, while these ships are emitting even more smoke than all their cars put together.

In the video, one of these ships which was docked at the quay yesterday morning can be seen emitting its heavy smoke, only a few metres away from the swimmers’ zone.

Dan min u responsibly ta din il pastasata kbira..? Kollox ghal Jo nies ..laqas tieqa ma tista tiftah..Isa namlu il Vrt tal car u hafna teatrini u erga ejja u erga hallas….u daw il vapuri xjehlu meta isir pastasata bhal din…DAN Euro 20 nahseb..No Money No Honey baby…Money talks and Bullshit walks….this is the cause of many cancers..Pls SHARE and make this video go viral

Gepostet von Simon Vella am Sonntag, 1. Juli 2018

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