WATCH: Boasts of having six women in one night – however he is now slowing down

Despite being 82 years old and is attempting a return to the political scene, former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi appears to find it entertaining to make sexual witty remarks in public.

On a tour in Sardegna as part of his electoral campaign for the European Parliament, Berlusconi said that it is a pity he is aged 82, however he feels he is in good health at the same time.

While drinking a cup of coffee at a bar, surrounded by fans and prospective voters, Berlusconi chose to compare his health state in sexual terms, saying “Previously, I used to have relations with six women in one night, now I sleep on my third one”.

Berlusconi’s remark was welcome with laughter by the present crowd, with Berlusconi encouraging them to spread the word.

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