Watch: Bought a bus to support his family – believes the future beckons for these old buses

The era of the old Maltese buses came to an end in July of ten years ago. However, Paul Cardona, who has owned a bus for the past 17 years, firmly believes there is a future for this cultural heritage.

Interviewed by the ‘Popolin’ team, Mr Cardona said he had purchased the bus to support his family. Visibly moved, he added that although the old buses no longer ply Malta’s roads, he had decided to hang on to his bus, a sky-blue bus with a dark red band. Colours which indicate that Mr Cardona’s bus plied the Birżebbuġa route.

Mr Cardona said he considers the bus a member of the family, and to this very day, he still meets tourists who, as soon as they spot the bus in his garage, plead with him to be taken for a drive.

Mr Cardona added that the bus has been modified to reduce emissions, and reiterated his strong belief that the future beckons for these old buses.