WATCH: Boy who pestered the Pope until he was given a skullcap

A little boy stole the scene during the Wednesday general audience by Pope Francis.

The boy, who is about ten years old, went up near the Pope and acted like he wanted the Pope’s skullcap at any cost.

The boy showed he had no intention of leaving the Pope’s side, so much so that Monsignor Leonardo Sapienza, the Head of Protocol, gave up his seat next to the Pontiff. The boy, who suffers from a medical condition, was allowed to walk on stage whilst the audience continued with an address by the Pope.

The boy’s persistence paid off, as he did not move from near the Pope before he was given a skullcap just the Pope’s.

Pope Francis thanked the boy for the lesson he had given everyone and asked God to help him in his limitations, recognising that his behaviour came from the heart.