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WATCH: Bugibba greasy pole draws the crowds

Six men were the main protagonists in the greasy pole competition which kicked off the fifth edition of the Bugibba Summer Carnival.

Duncan Muscat, who looks after the greasy pole in both Bugibba and Imsida, is remaining tight-lipped about details of the mix used to grease the long pole which is set up on the jetty for the competition.

Clint Camilleri, who has been taking part in this traditional game for the past 22 years, said he started taking part when he was just 11 years old. Camilleri added that no preparatory training is undertaken, and participants simply turn up and compete on the spot.

Luke Saliba, who looks forwrd eagerly to the competition, with excitement building up from when competitors draw lots, explained that one has to concentrate on how to place one’s step, as the slightest error can easily result in a fall.

Reginald James, known among his friends as Il-Bomba (The Bomb), was among participants who managed to bring down one of three flags, and his face lit up with satisfaction.

With spectators gathering in considerable numbers to encourage the participants, one could not fail to notice the looks of satisfaction on the faces of participants who saw their rivals just fail to grab one of the flags.

The greasy pole competition was followed by a Carnival defile’ along the main streets of Bugibba. Ten dancing companies are taking part this year, with the atmosphere being made more colourful through the participation of eleven floats.

After two days or merrymaking, a defile’ will also be held on Sunday evening along the Marsascala waterfront.


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