WATCH: CABS film man threatening woman walking her dog on Sannat cliffs

The organisation CABS has filmed a man whom it described as a trapper and who was allegedly threatening a woman who was walking in a public place with her dog.

The incident happened yesterday morning on the cliffs at Sannat.

In the video the man appeared to be shouting in the direction of the woman who was walking her dog who seemed to be unleashed.

At one point the man picked up a stone from the ground and was about to throw it in her direction but then he dropped it back down.

Gozitan trapper threatens to throw stone

Back to the stone age on Gozo: With the increasing criticism of their selfish hobby, Maltese bird trappers are getting more and more flustered. Yesterday, while conducting a patrol on Gozo, a CABS team filmed a bird trapper threatening a young woman with a stone in his hand. The woman was walking her dog on a public footpath along the Sannat cliffs at 11 am when the man blocked her way, picked up a stone and launched a tirade of verbal abuse while making threatening gestures with the stone in his hand. “The man knew that there was a CABS team in the area and he probably mistook her for one of our volunteers”, CABS Wildlife Crime Officer Fiona Burrows said in a statement. Trappers and poachers on Malta have repeatedly, abused, threatened and attacked birdwatchers in recent years. At present, tensions are high after CABS and our local partners from BirdLife Malta announced that we are going to report Malta to the EU for allowing finch trapping in breach of the EU´s Birds Directive.

Gepostet von Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS) am Freitag, 23. Oktober 2020