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WATCH: Car has to be lifted for buses to pass at St Paul’s Bay

A group of men this morning ended up having to lift a car out of the way so that a bus could pass from a road in St Paul’s Bay.

Witnesses on the scene told TVM that the bus does not usually pass from this route, but because of construction works it is having to pass through other roads on its way to Sliema.

Although the car was not parked on yellow lines, witnesses said that there was a sign warning drivers not to park there.

Two buses, as well as a number of cars, spent almost 45 minutes stuck in traffic because of this one car: from 9.30am to 10.10am.

Police and local wardens arrived on the scene but were unable to contact the car owner, and in the meantime the car appeared to have sustained some damage, including a broken off wing mirror and a deep scratch on its side.

Those present decided to solve the problem by lifting the car and pushing it back, so that the buses could continue on their route.