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WATCH: Car with aircraft engine to be driven in Malta

It is a dragster type of car, however its engine is that of an aircraft as its sound confirms when the car’s engine is switched on.

Mitrolord was built last year in the United States and on Friday and Saturday it will provide a spectacle to enthusiasts at the quarter of a mile track at Ħal Far. It will be driven for the first time in an attempt to break the European record, as the Malta Drag Racing Association secretary, Reuben Micallef, told TVM.

“This car will first display a great fire show, similar to that of a jet aircraft before departing; then it attempts the quarter of a mile run – 1,320 feet long – 402 metres to break the record in less than 5.3 seconds”.

This is also the wish of the jet dragster owner, Austrian engineer Alexander Pilshofer, who decided to register and keep the car in Malta, although he said that in the coming months the car will perform spectacular shows to car enthusiasts in various other countries.

“We hope it’s one of the fastest cars in the world, and maybe we need half a year to better understand all technical aspects and break the 5 seconds in a quarter mile,” Pilshofer stated.

The Jetcar consumes some 16 gallons of aircraft fuel or a third of a big tank while it is driven for  a 400 metres run. Not every driver is capable of driving such cars, with its owner inviting experienced driver Martin Hill to drive the dragster for the first time. Hill said that driving such speedy cars involves different emotions.

“It’s a bit like a rollercoaster until you get to the top of the hill, you start going down, and these just accelerate harder further down the track they go.”

The jet-dragster will be the main attraction during three days of events that MDRA will organize between next Friday and Sunday at Ħal Far to raise funds for the Blue Light Foundation, established by constable Simon Schembri.

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