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WATCH: Cars forgotten at bottom of the sea in Cirkewwa

Sunken ships often provide a unique attraction for divers, however those who go diving off Cirkewwa sometimes find other ‘attractions’ as well.

Diver Raniero Borg, who regularly uploads underwater footage on social media to raise awareness about marine pollution, has now uploaded a video showing a number of cars which are still intact, which have been abandoned at the bottom of the sea in this area.

These cars are covered by seaweed and have been there for quite a while, some are upside down while others are right-side up. The cars which have ended up underwater were probably swept away by the rough seas which often hit the Cirkewwa harbour, but it seems no one has taken the initiative to pull them out of the water.

Also abandoned in the area are a number of car spare parts, including batteries and wheels. In fact, there are enough things underwater for a junk collector to have a field day.