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WATCH: Caught out laughing at colleague behind his back in Parliament

A member of the British Conservative Party, MP Huw Merriman, was caught out laughing at a member of the same Party during a Parliamentary sitting.

Huw Merriman was caught on video pointing at Michael Fabricant and laughing at  his colleague with the person next to him.

MP Huw Merriman was caught telling his colleague Kelly Tolhurst “that’s definitely a wig”,whilst pointing at Fabricant.

When the comment was made, Mr Fabricant was asking the Prime Minister a question, and this comment certainly didn’t go down well.

Fabricant stated that it is evident Merriman has just started out in politics, as he certainly would not have passed a comment with gestures had he known that everything is recorded in Parliament.

Questioned about his hair, Fabricant avoided commenting, but he has always denied wearing a wig.


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