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WATCH: Centuries old crucifixes exhibited at Imdina Cathedral

The Cathedral Museum at Imdina is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its opening with an exhibition of crucifixes from different epochs of art. 30 crucifixes sculptured in different materials and made during a 700-year period portray the crucified Christ who for centuries has been the symbol of Christianity.

The exhibition’s curator Maria Cassar said that the exhibits include work by Maltese artists of different periods.

“It was important that we include a small repertoire of 20th Century Maltese artists and contemporary ones. Artists of the last century were important because they included modern art in Malta”.

The oldest crucifix goes back to the 15th Century which was probably brought over by the Knights from Rhodes. This crucifix is considered as one of the most sacred and precious objects in the cathedral’s silver collection.

Ms Cassar said that the crucifixes in the exhibition were sculptured in various materials including ivory, wood, gold, silver and bronze and in wax.

“There is also an audiovisual, called deposition. The video is produced in a mortuary with a waterfall. The water is purified. When Jesus was brought down from the cross, he delivered us from sin and water is the symbol of purification”.

The crucifixes were loaned for the exhibition by private collections, public places such as the MUŻA art museum, churches and convents. The exhibition remains open till the end of November.

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