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Watch: Chetcuti Cauchi releases entire video which shows manipulation by M6

The law firm Chetcuti Cauchi has released parts of a video that were not broadcast by the French channel M6, which, it said, exonerate them from the allegations made against them in connection with citizenship investment scheme, which led to their licenses being suspended program.

The station had broadcast parts of an interview between a French journalist and lawyer Jean Chetcuti , where the journalist had posed as a representative of an African client with dubious credentials which could have stood in the way of acquiring citizenship . In an interview Dr Chetcuti comes across as being close to members of the Maltese cabinet, and says that his law firm has a 100 percent success rate.

In a statement, Chetcuti Cauchi said that when these allegations were published, he filed proceedings in a French court against the French agency that produced the program. The agency was also fined daily by the Court for obstructing the process, until it finally handed over the original video capturing Chetcuti Cauchi, who in turn passed the video to the magistrate.

Dr. Checuti said the spirit of the conversation was about the robust due diligence process which defined the IIP scheme, but that the video broadcast by the French channel only focussed on a few seconds in response to questions posed by the journalist about Chetcuti happens to know the minister.

He does on to say that the video also shows him tell the journalist about customers who are rejected because of problems with due diligence or because of a criminal past. He said that when he was directly asked about his professional relations with the authorities, he replied that ” this does not mean that I can do anything” and “if we are not in a position to help, we are honest and say that we can’t help you. ”

The law firm said that it believes that this film eliminates all and any doubt about the company’s track record.

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