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WATCH: Combating ageing through boxing

Boxing is a rather intensive sport. There are some who train in this sport discipline, however, in order to have enough stamina to resist life’s challenges.

And that’s exactly what grandparents are doing in Cosmo City, a suburb in the South African economic capital of Johannesburg. These elderly persons, all aged between 75 and 80, practice boxing to fight the pains of ageing and at the same time to maintain a good state of health.

The gym offers two sessions a week, which include cardio exercises and boxing. At the end of their training they can challenge each other, if they wish to do so, to a boxing match.

Through physical exrcise the elderly are managing to overcome melancholy and solitude, so common when one reaches a certain age. Boxing seems to be giving them new hope for the future, and besides, the training also helps them to know how to defend themselves.

This is one of the boxing sessions by the elderly in South Africa:

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