Watch – Consumer Authority on health and hygiene factors in hair and beauty salons

‘Popolin’ investigated the interests and protection of consumers when a service or a product they purchase are not of the required quality. We spoke with Odette Vella, a representative of the Authority on Competition and Consumer Affairs, who said that every client has a right to receive quality services and products.

Asked about who bears responsibility in case that, due to a bad service such as a beauty, hair or even tattoo treatment, the consumer suffers some type of consequence or damage, Ms Vella stressed that it is the responsibility of the seller to see that the service is very adequately provided and that the used products are of good quality. If problems arise, the seller is duty bound to face the responsibilities, including financial damages to the consumer. On his part, the consumer has the duty to follow the instructions provided by the seller so that the service is protected with the best possible way.

Ms Vella stated that every case has to be treated individually and both parts should provide proof to sustain their argument. In cases where there is disagreement between the two parties and the damage requested is over €3,500, the case is referred to the Courts.