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WATCH: Contests election and reveals intrigues of Italian politics through hidden cameras

Ismaele La Vardera, a former 22-year old journalist from Palermo had surprised many people when he decided to contest an election for mayor in the last election in Italy, as a Lega party candidate.

During the electoral campaign, La Vardera unwillingly ended up being dragged in unwarranted situations and therefore decided to start filming with a hidden camera whatever was happening around him behind the scenes.

The youth said he was surprised with the intrigues and treason he faced during his electoral voyage and therefore decided to document everything in a

When La Vardera decided to go public about his recordings, there was an uproar and some accused him that his candidature was phoney. Despite the accusations, the Court found that his electoral campaign was authentic from the start to the end.

The film is expected to be premiered in cinema towards the end of November,


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