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WATCH: Couple shares their journey to become parents

It was a very long journey, literally, for a Maltese couple who became parents when they adopted a small boy from India.

Fabrizio Ellul and Feliciann Aquilina became parents to Aman earlier this year when they went to India to bring back their adopted son to Malta.

In a video they uploaded on social media, the couple shared the journey they had to go through to start a family and said that this year they received the best gift ever.

It was a long process, however, it was filled with emotional moments when they met Aman for the first time. After an initial moment of shyness, Aman ran into his mother’s arms and immediately felt comfortable.

This can all be seen in the video, which shows Aman as a happy boy, bursting into laughter and joking around with his parents, whom he is slowly getting to know.

Watch the emotiaonl journey of this family here:

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