WATCH: Covid-19 has not dampened Good Friday cult among the Maltese

Although the statues and processions will not go beyond the church doors this year, as a result of restrictions to control the spread of Covid-19, several Local Councils, parishes, entities and individuals still came up with ways to commemorate Good Friday.

Some villages, like Nadur and Birżebbuġa, lit up their church parvis with the traditional torches (fjakkoli) on Maundy Thursday, with the aim of commemorating this day for passers-by in cars or on foot.

Sessions of prayer and veneration were also organised by archpriests and parish priests, and were broadcast live on Facebook:

And no Good Friday activity would be complete without its musical interludes. This funereal atmosphere was created, among others, by the National Philharmonic Orchestra, with an adaptation of Prayer by Gjorgji Cincievski, as well as by 28 band persons who played Marcio Funebre, a composition by Mauro Farrugia:

Others who take part every year in Passion plays, also felt their absence this year and decided to broadcast recordings on the media of plays from previous years.

This what the Beland Band of Żejtun did, with representations from previous years recalling the Passion of Christ:

Enthusiasts of Good Friday exhibitions, which are normally open to the public, chose this year to take photographs and videos of their set-ups instead, and posted them on social media, to be enjoyed by everyone in a virtual display: