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WATCH: Creates a scene on plane after catching wrong flight

A man who caught a wrong flight in Italy lost his head when he realised he had landed at the wrong airport.

The incident occurred on Monday, when the passenger caught a Ryanair flight from Pisa to Bari instead of to Cagliari.

In a video taken by another passenger on the flight, the passenger who took the wrong flight is heard getting angry and using foul language with the crew.

The man asked the crew how they had let him get on a Bari flight with a Cagliari ticket, whilst getting angrier because he had been made to pay extra for the cost of the flight.

The man said he had a friend who was ill in Cagliari, and after forking out 400 euro for the flight, had ended up without funds.

Ryanair said in a statement that it had requested the services assistance operator at the airport to shed light on the case.

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