Watch: Crowds hit Maltese beaches after the Coronavirus lockdown

The beaches that are popular with Maltese are proving to be a source of relief, perhaps more than ever, after weeks that saw many locked inside their homes because of Covid-19. The fine weather and with temperatures reaching almost 30 degrees many beaches were packed with people enjoying the sun and the sea.

However they seem to be aware that they need to enjoy the sea while also observing their social distance.

Beaches are always popular with the Maltese. We even came across people who had not left home for three months and who ventured out today for the first time and came to the beach.

Also noteworthy was the rigorous way in which a number of umbrella deckchairs and other items were being cleaned.

We also observed public cleaning and maintenance department workers cleaning the beaches. We were told that beach cleaning started at dawn, and more than had been done cumulatively in previous years.

See what the people on beaches had to say: