Watch: Dar tal-Providenza rehearsals for Christmas production in full swing

In St. Paul’s Hall at Dar tal-Providenza preparations are underway for the Christmas theatre performance which will be held at the Catholic Institute with the participation of some of the residents, staff members and veteran actors.

This is part of the Institute’s continued efforts, to further integrate into society people with disabilities, not solely in homes within the community, but also in theatre productions with works like ‘Presepju tan-Nannu’ which is to be held at the Catholic Institute.

Television Malta has seen first hand, the rehearsals and the enthusiasm of these people who are suddenly aware of their skills and of participating in different activities.

Drama coordinator at Dar tal-Providenza, David Muscat said that preparations began in August and that this was another exercise toward the inclusion of people with disabilities

“It has been very useful because drama helps to rebuild your character, and it helpful for people like us let alone for disabled people. The fact that they are meeting people is enough to give them a sense of dignity.”

This production will see the participation of established actors such as Joe Borg who described the experience as unique. “They are angels because you think you are helping them and then you find that you are the one who is gaining from the experience. A regular production will not see as much effort as this – they do their utmost to make sure they play their part well.”

The production will be held on the last day of November and the first day of December and the proceeds will go toward Dar tal-Providenza.

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