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WATCH: Deputy PM replies about Covid-19 situation in Malta

Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Chris Fearne has stressed that in regard to the pandemic situation, the Government is acting in a transparent manner and for this reason is announcing on a regular basis all deaths of persons affected with Covid-19.

Asked about the possibility of the re-opening of bars, the Minister pointed out that the legal notice is effective until the end of November. Dr Fearne added that although it is still too early for one to state with certainty what will happen in the first days of December, the Government is preparing its forecasts, on the basis of which an update on the legal notice will be announced in the coming days.

Dr Fearne reiterated that the number of infected persons in Malta has remained stable, even as a result of the measures being taken, but the target is still for the numbers to be reduced.

Minister Fearne also replied about the Covid-19 vaccine, the actual systems in the hospital in regard to operations, and also about the swab centres.

You can follow below all the comments given by the Deputy Prime Minister to the media this morning: