Watch: Destiny wraps up X Factor’s Live Show to public applause

Although she’s just seventeen years old, Destiny is already known to Maltese and Gozitans for her various successes over the past years which managed to get her into the music scene. Among these, in 2015, when she won the Junior Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Not My Soul”.

And, tonight, Destiny, with her strong and powerful vocals, managed to steal the hearts of the jury and the thousands present with her unprecedented rendition of Whitney Houston’s “Higher Love” who is one of Destiny’s very own idols.

X Factor Malta | Live Show 1 | Destiny

And for tonight’s last act, Destiny Chukunyere brings us some “Higher Love” from Whitney Houston! Destined for greatness? 📱SMS on 50614412📺🎧 BROUGHT TO YOU BY Brown's#XFactorMalta #EverybodyIsWatching

Gepostet von X Factor Malta am Sonntag, 12. Januar 2020

You can vote for Destiny on 50614412.

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