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WATCH: Devastated and in tears – owner of house where 9 people died in Casteldaccia speaks out

Antonino Pace, the owner of the rental home in Casteldaccia, Palermo, where nine members of Giuseppe Giordano’s family died, has spoken about the tragedy which hit two families in the area.

The bad storms experienced in Italy over the last few days took the lives of 13 people in Sicily, including nine members of the Giordano family, who lived in a rented house in Casteldaccia, next to the river Milicia.

Completely overwhelmed, Antonino Pace,  described how he too carries with him the devastation being felt by Giuseppe and wishes that he could hug him.

During a press conference, Pace said that he used to live in the house himself for a long time, and although some of the homes in the area were meant to be torn down because they had been built illegally too close to the river, no action was ever taken and everything was left as it was.

Pace’s lawyer said that his client had only been warned about the illegality of the building and was not informed about any potential danger. He also said that the Pace family shared the sorrow of Giuseppe Giordano and that they would leave everything in the hands of the justice system. He added that everyone knew about the bad weather which was going to hit Italy.

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