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WATCH: Government surprised by Di Maio’s comments about Malta and interconnector

The Government of Malta has issued a statement pointing out that it buys energy from the European grid at commercial rates which then arrives into the country through Italy’s interconnector. The Government also said that the agreement on the operation of the interconnector is according to European regulations.

The Maltese Government was reacting to comments by Italian Deputy PM, Luigi di Maio, who tried to link the interconnector with the immigration issue.

In the programme Porta a Porta yesterday on Rai Uno, Deputy PM and the leader of Cinque Stelle, Luigi Di Maio said that Italy provides electricity to Malta, but Malta refused to help the immigrants on board the ship Aquarius, which according to Di Maio was in the Search and Rescue zone which falls under Maltas responsibility. With this statement, he insinuated that Italy was giving electricity to Malta for free.

The Maltese Government expressed it surprise at this declaration and said that it had acted according to international regulations in the Aquarius incident. The Government said that it was confident that the competent Italian authorities would draw Di Maio’s attention to the facts regarding the operation of the interconnector, which the Maltese Government said was being  managed according to the rule of law.

The Government said that with the investments which have been made over the last few years at the Delimara power station, Malta generates enough electricity for its needs, and the interconnector is only used as part of a policy of having energy from different sources.


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