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Watch: Don’t become another statistic this Christmas. Don’t drink and drive!

Alcohol consumption is among the most common causes of fatal and serious traffic accidents. In recent years campaigns launched at this time of year warning of the dangers of drinking and driving have yielded positive results. This year there are also ongoing educational campaigns with the message that drinking and driving do not mix.

While Christmas is about imbibing, the Directorate for Health Promotion, together with other entities, are intensifying the campaign to convey the message that whoever drinks should not drive.

Director of the Directorate for Health Promotion, Dr Paula Vassallo, said the Directorate constantly underlines the fact that drinking and driving do not mix, and has launched the campaign “Flowers on the asphalt .. If you’re drinking, don’t drive “.

“If you are attending an important occasion find a ‘designated driver or use alternative means: taxis, cabs. Today, with mobile apps one can easily get a taxi,” Dr Vassallo said.

Directorate for Health Promotion also launched the music video “Flowers on the asphalt” with the participation of the singer Sebastian Calleja, lyrics by Dominic Cini and Joe Julian Farrugia.

“The flower represents the person – the flower is the person who left home only to end up on the tarmac. When people drink and use mobile phone and other things which impair driving, they should keep in mind their family members and those close to them who will grieve and mourn them.” Mr Calleja said.

The Directorate teamed up with a number of entities, including the Emergency Department, the Blood Bank, Sedqa and the Council for Road Security. Together they will convey a message about drinking and safe driving.

Watch the music video here:

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