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WATCH: Dresses and lives like Jesus in Jerusalem

Whilst she was taking part in a concert in Bethlehem, La Barokka visited the ancient city of Jerusalem, where she met – quite by chance – with the man who calls himslf Jesus Guy. This man has been living in the old city for nine years, and he dresses like Jesus, walks barefoot, and says he relies on people’s hand-outs. The man’s name is James Joseph, and he hails from Detroit in the US.

When La Barokka asked James Joseph why he lived like this, he replied that he does not act this way to deceive people, but because he truly believes the word of God and wishes to live in this simple way in order to spread His word.

James Joseph said “I follow Jesus, I don’t pretend I am Jesus, no delusion to grandeur, but I live like Him and the apostles, and I live with faith, no home, no organisation, no shoes, but I share the gospel”.

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