WATCH: Driver stopped bus to take hold of little boy on the road

In the United States, it was a normal working day for Irena Ivic, a public transport driver in Milwaukee.

While driving the bus, Irena noticed a scene which shocked her – a child was running alone in the road, bare footed and without shorts, in very cold weather.

Irena immediately stopped the bus, descended and took hold of the boy, who authorities later said was aged not more than one year.

“I am shaking”, Irena told one of the passengers when she went back in the bus with the child in her arms. Another passenger took off a jacket and gave it to Irena to cover the child who had slept in  her arms until police arrived.

Although the case occurred on the 22nd December, it was only recently that the video made the rounds on the broadcasting media. Authorities said that the boy’s mother  had mental problems and had left the child outside. The boy was later on given to his father’s custody.

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