Watch: Dutch Police to use ‘Robodog’ for drug-lab investigations

Dutch police will begin using a four-legged robot to enter drug-making laboratories before its own officers enter.

The robot, powered by remote control and manufactured by the American company Boston Dynamics, was used for the first time in March to enter a drug lab.

Dutch police used the cameras on “Spot”, the name given to the robot dog, to see what’s what before its officers entered.

Despite this the Dutch Police still believe that dogs are still the best way to find drugs. The robot will be used to let officers know if there is a danger from mixing chemicals and whether there are armed people.

Although its cost is not yet known, the head of the division that conducts special operations, Marjolein Smit, said that the robot will cost as much per year as an officer, ie around € 44,000 a year.

This is not the first time this type of four-legged robot has been used by enforcement authorities and other countries have already used it, including the military.