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Watch Dybala in pencil drawing by Maltese artist

He uses only a pencil to create detailed drawings of people that look as if they are photographed.

25-year old artist, Kyle Duca started drawing on his own when he was only four years old.

With a pencil in hand and a piece of paper, Kyle Duca creates amazing detailed drawings. He says: “I always remember myself drawing with a pencil.  I never used other material, always kept basic materials and preferred drawing like this so that I improve myself on the drawings and I will have a more detailed result”.


Kyle says he takes an average of 80 hours for every drawing as he needs great care and an eye for detail.

The young artist had the opportunity to represent Malta in the Four Seasons Art Fair in Amsterdam at an art/exhibition competition. The artists had the opportunity to be present with their works, an opportunity he says is rare.


Kyle’s dream is that in the future he exhibits his work at an exhibition.

He said “I started with simple drawings and now progressed to the point of personally trying to improve in my drawings…. we will see step by step”.

Kyle also made drawings of many players of Juventus football team, such as David Trezeguet, Claudio Marchisio, Leonardo Bonucci, Andrea Pirlo and Paulo Dybala that were presented in a calendar.