WATCH: Eliana counts the hours until her performance on Sunday

Eliana’s second rehearsal on stage for the Junior Eurovision song contest was described as a very strong one. Another observation is that although she is alone on stage, she will be filling it with the powerfulness of her voice.

During a link with TVAM this morning, Eliana said that she is looking forward to performing on Sunday. She described the stage as looking beautiful and that she was waiting for the moment when the public can see all that she has been preparing.  Over these last few days, Eliana has had the chance to spend some time with other contestants and has made new friends, while the continuous support from her family and friends in Malta has never wavered.

Watch the link with Eliana. here:

Later today the first part of online voting will start.  Every country can cast their vote including Malta, for the song ‘We are more’ which will be sung in 8th place. The voting will open at 8pm and can be done through this site:

In the video below you can watch excerpts from all the songs taking part in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2019.

The festival will. be broadcast LIVE on TVM on Sunday at 4pm.

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