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WATCH: Ellie – Youngest Maltese patient waiting for liver transplant

The youngest Maltese patient who is waiting for a liver transplant is a two-year old girl. She is currently in London together with her parents, who told TVM that when everything goes well and they return, the couple will register as organ donors.

Ellie Portelli is still waiting for a liver transplant, a year and two months after she arrived in London with her parents, a phone call away from the news that a donor has been found.

Ellie’s mother, Jes Gilford stated “Elie has a difficult blood group, O negative. Therefore it is a bit difficult to find the part of liver she needs.”

Jes added that she understands now and cherishes the need that a donor makes all the difference to another person to live a full life. “When I return to Malta, I will register myself as one of the donors”.

The Malta Community Chest Fund assists families, such as Ellie’s, with voyages costs, food, transport and daily necessities while they are abroad.

“We have been here for a year and two months. We found great support from the Community Chest Fund; the first time I was given assistance by the CCF was when they bought the electric equipment for us”, Ellie’s mother said.

Jes however dearly misses her two other children. “The family means a lot, especially my other children. My daughter will receive Confirmation tomorrow. I cannot return to Malta”, Jes said tearfully.

Ellie’s father, Ray Portelli, says that their experience with their daughter has taught them a lot. “I now understand that you have to cherish life more. I see different values now; here we saw  many cases and you learn a lot”.

Ellie, who fifteen days age celebrated her second birthday, is one of 12 patients living at the Puttinu apartments in Sutton, who on Saturday met President Marie Louise Coleiro Preca during her London visit. The President is visiting 10 hospitals and residences who receive Maltese patients and their relatives during their treatment.


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