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Watch: Employed and forgave man who robbed and assaulted his brother

A dark episode that Parti Marcellino Micallef’s family experienced was changed into a beautiful episode which changed the life of many persons.

During ‘Topik’ programme on TVMNews+, Patri Marcellino shared an experience which started many years ago and is still present in his life.

Patri Marcellino recounted that when he was ordained priest, his mother wanted to resume with his clothes’ washing. One day, she sent one of her children to bring the clothes and on his way to the convent, a person assaulted to rob him. He ended up being robbed, with fractured fingers and a face disfigurement.

The friar added that this was a suffering and traumatic experience for the family, with persons showing solidarity while others encouraged them to take the law in their own hands. However, Patri Marcellino chose to follow his mother’s teaching for forgiveness who , before she died advised him “to say good things to clean wounds”.

Without knowing, Fr Marcellino Micallef who runs the Valletta Soup Kitchen, employed his brother’s aggressor.

He said that there was a process for him to forgive Louis Mallia, the man who injured and robbed his brother. The story that changed Louis life started when Patri Marcellino invited some prisoners to carry out works at the convent for the Kċina Franġiskana project. He developed a relationship with five inmates and was then aware that Louis had no job but still did not know who he was.

“We employed him until his release from prison….after a month and a half I spent a sleepless night as the incident’s picture came to mind. The day after I asked Louis whether he remembered that case and he mentioned my brother’s name. I was shocked…at that moment I hugged him. He thought I will dismiss him and also told his friends. He was honest with me, asked for forgiveness…….he met with my brother twice. It wasn’t easy, but I believe it was the only healing medicine. In the end, egoistically Louis healed me”.

The friar said during the programme that this episode greatly assisted him to close this chapter in his life.

“I fear the past, but still live it so that I will not experience it again”

Louis said that Patri Marcellino brother’s name remained marked in his head because he was an innocent person and had done nothing to him. He had his own problems, but recognised that he had injured a person and nothing justified the pain inflicted to the family.

He stated that he was ashamed, not to ask for forgiveness, but for the things he did. “I fear the past, but I love it so that I will not experience it again”, said Louis who spent his life in an institute and in prison. Today, he added, he does not fear the past because he has great support and love, which he was deprived of.

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