WATCH: End of the road for Karl Schembri and Celine in their ‘X Factor Malta’ journey

Each week we are approaching the finals of ‘X Factor Malta’. Unluckily for the remaining contestants, the places for the final Live show are limited. Each week, the remaining group of finalists continues to get smaller.

On Sunday, the evening began with eight participants and ended with six, as after the televoting and the votes of the judges, two more contestants have been eliminated.

The televoting ended at around 10.45pm.

Karl Schembri obtained the lowest number of public votes and his journey on the ‘X Factor Malta’ comes to an end here.

After him, Bloodline and Celine were the bottom two. The two contestants had a sing off and at this stage, Celine was eliminated.

‘X Factor Malta’ will be back on Sunday with another Live show on Television Malta just after the 8pm news bulletin.

The theme for next week is “Big Band”.

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