WATCH: Father can stay near mother during childbirth and visit her every evening

The head of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Mater Dei, Prof Yves Muscat Baron explained that right now the father can be near the mother during childbirth and is allowed to visit the mother for one hour every evening.

Speaking during TVAM, Prof Muscat Baron reminded the public what happened last April when there were 50 cases in Malta. He said that on that day, hospital visits were stopped and during labour the father could only be present for the last ten minutes. He said that today they have learned that in this situation one needs to be realistic, but keep in mind that right now there is the variant and that the number of cases have increased substantially. He explained that they had instructions from the Supt of Public Health and the hospital administration to stop hospital visits.

He said that right now the situation is that the father can remain next to the mother throughout the entire labour. He explained that after childbirth, the father can take the mother to her ward and help her settle in but then he has to leave.

Prof Muscat Baron said that right now the visiting times are between 4pm – 6pm and fathers can spend an hour near their partner.

He said that out of the 45 cases of mothers who had Covid,, there were some cases of women with symptoms, however we did not have any cases such as the stories which have emerged from the UK and the US where mothers died and babies ended up on a ventilator.  He said that to date, we have been lucky however the variant spreads much quicker and therefore we cannot take any risks.