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WATCH: Feast which exorcises evil spirts from St Paul’s Catacombs to be commemorated

Heritage Malta has continued with its initiatives to bring to life the historical sites it administers. Another activity in this series will take place eon Saturday at the St Paul’s Catacombs in Rabat, where the Lemuria will take place – a feast during Roman times which was used to exorcise evil spirts of the dead.

These catacombs which were used as a burial place in Roman times offer the ideal backdrop for performances of the Lemuria which was a ritual to exorcise evil spirits from people’s homes.

Janica Buhagiar, a co-ordinator at Heritage Malta said, “according to legend, these lemurs used to be able to enter their homes so they had a type of ritual or exorcism to remove the spirits, by frightening them off so that they will leave the house.”

She added that the activity at the catacombs on Saturday will be a performance which will be as authentic as possible to what used to happen in ancient times.

Janica Buhagiar explained, “the event will include actors who will put on an animated performance where people will be introduced to historical characters. Apart from this, those attending will be able to see the rituals take place and we will conclude with the participation of Malta Paranormal where there will be a type of ghost hunt within the catacombs.

She went on to explain that this ritual is documented in a poem by Ovik who was a Roman poet. As the activity will take place in two groups, Heritage Malta said that whoever attends needs to register on its website. Only those who are over 16 years of age can attend.

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