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WATCH: Female drivers crash their cars into each other in demolition derby

Eight women in eight cars destined for the scrap heap.

Lined up next to one another, the coloured cars with various words written on them, captured the attention of the public as the teams behind the female drivers were putting the latest touches to the vehicles.

Two of the drivers said that they were raised in the car culture, although they admitted much of the work on their cars was done by their husbands. There was a lot of anticipation for the cars to be taken down to the race track which is being used for motor cross competitions at Ta Qali.

At the first chance, the drivers hit the gas pedal and crashes into the first car they find in front of them.

The vehicle which manages to keep going until the end wins the competition. When the officials approach the vehicle and wave their red flag, this is the signal that the vehicle has completely stopped. The last two cars kept going round for an hour.

The final battle was between two women who are sisters, but this did not prevent them from crashing into each other as forcefully as they could.

With a wheel missing and a number of dents,  Jessica Magro Butler’s car could not continue moving and she had to withdraw from the race.

“I had no idea that my back tyres had come off because you would be driving and not even pay attention. It was not an easy race. The impacts were much more forceful than last time.”

The winner of the race, Maronia Mallia said that she had moments when she thought she was going to stop, including when she saw hot steam coming out of the radiator.   But this did not spoil what she described as a wonderful experience.

“Your heart is beating so fast when you see another car coming, and you get hit but, it is a great experience.”

Hugging each other and with their kids hugging them as well, the first and second placed drivers were happy to celebrate the result together.