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WATCH: Fgura home with pool for persons with disability

Another residential home in the community was inaugurated for persons with disability. The Fgura home will be run by Fondazzjoni Wens, a non-governmental organisation, while the Government will financially assist in the daily operation and Aġenzija Sapport will provide the professional support.

Sixteen residents of the Fondazzjoni Wens are living in two new Fgura apartments – one for female residents and the other for men. The apartments form part of the Dar Merħba building, which also consists of a therapeutic pool on the upper floor.

The foundation’s director, Ronald Galea, said that the foundation has been for the past 28 years involved in the sector for persons with disability. The foundation runs another home at Kalkara, which was inaugurated a year ago. “As we installed also a therapeutic pool, we may provide assistance to all the residents in the other homes, who together amount to 43 persons”

Parliamentary Secretary for Persons with Disability, Anthony Agius Decelis, stated that this is the 11th home in the community opened in the past six years as part of the Soċjeta’ Ġusta project. He said the Government will donate more than €400,000 a year to sustain the daily operation of this home.

“This is another project which is giving the opportunity to persons who desire an independent living without waiting for circumstances they cannot control. They can do this while their dear ones and the support they receive will enable them to make this transition”, the Parliamentary Secretary added.

The public works department carried out works, costing 30,000 euro, in the home with the Minister responsible for the department, Ian Borg, stating that the Government is always ready to assist in works in community projects.