Watch: First needle-less vaccination in Europe against Covid-19

The first needle-less Covid-19 vaccination in Europe was administered in Sicily this morning.

The vaccine was administered to Anna Aveni, a young girl residing in Messina, in a Covid-19 hub in the locality.

In comments to the media after receiving the vaccine, Aveni admitted she had held back from being vaccinated because she was scared of the needle.

In the past hours, the Sicilian town inaugurated a new way of administering the Covid-19 vaccine in Europe without using a needle. The syringe vaccinates patients without a needle, and the dose is absorbed instead. A possible solution to those who hold back because they are scared of the needle.

This technology had already been experimented with in the US, Australia, and India and had often been used to vaccinate people against other illnesses. This morning, however, Anna was the first European citizen to receive the coronavirus vaccine through this technology.