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WATCH: Fish cage placed at ‘tal-Magħluq’ bay with swimmers close-by

Residents and persons who visit the ‘tal-Magħluq’ bay in Marsaxlokk have recently expressed their disappointment about the placing of heavy fish farms equipment on the bay.

The Local Council said that such work is permitted till April, while the Aquaculture Federation stated that a fish cage was placed on shore due to emergency repairs.

The tal-Magħluq bay is one of only two bays in the South of Malta where persons are permitted to take their dogs for a swim.

A video footage taken by a person at the bay last Thursday shows an aquaculture company releasing from the sea one of the cages with swimmers close-by. Apart from the fact that the big cage occupied a great part of the bay, the presence of heavy vehicles made it impossible for bathers to stay at the bay.

Asked by TVM on this situation, the Marsaxlokk Local Council said that it permits the cages on shore for a certain time, and that the permit closed at the end of last April.

Regarding possible action on this inconvenience, the council stated that it always acts against any type of illegal obstruction in Marsaxlokk, however it expressed regret that these type of actions is taken alone without any assistance from other entities.

Referring to Thursday’s situation, the Maltese Federation of Aquaculture Producers told TVM that this particular cage needed emergency repairs, and was placed on shore during the night and was released at sea the day after. It maintained that no other cages are being placed on the bay. It added that the maintenance work was carried out according to the time that permits operators to use the tal-Magħluq facility.

Asked why these works are not carried out in more adequate places, the federation said that other facilities for such works are limited because there are no adequate ports that may be used by fishermen and aquaculture for their needs, and appealed for the country to have facilities for these two industries.