Watch: fist fights, kicks exchanged in Paceville – group of persons not wearing masks

Video footage posted on social media shows a group of young men and girls exchanging punches and kicks in an argument that ensued in Paceville during the night hours. Some even ended up slamming others against a car parked nearby.

The argument developed in St George’s Road, St Julian’s, just a stone’s throw from Paceville.

It can be noted from the footage that although the youths were in groups of more than two persons, no one of them is seen to be wearing masks.

With effect from 1 July, those who are fully vaccinated against Covid can go out without a mask when in groups, as long as the group does not consist of more than two persons.

In the case of fully vaccinated persons who will want to remove their masks in public, these persons should be carrying the vaccination certificate, which can be downloaded from this site.

Meanwhile, the health authorities announced in the past hours that with effect from tomorrow activities can be organised with the attendance of more than 100 persons.