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WATCH: For the first time, only women were behind the wheel

Only one out of ten smashed up cars ended up in good enough condition to still be driven and win the demolition derby organised yesterday afternoon at ‘Ta’ Qali.

For the first time since this edition has been organized, the drivers were all women.

The ten cars, all painted different colours, with female drivers behind the wheel, competed to see who could last until the end.

Before the competition started at the track which is used for motorcross competitions, the organisers wet the track so that the impact between the cars would be less dangerous.

Gradually, one car after the other was abandoned as the drivers could no longer drive them. After almost 50 minutes it ended in a duel between the last two cars.

Although the Subaru J10 owned by Jessica Magro Butler sustained extensive damages and the back wheels stopped turning, it was the only car which kept going till the end.

“It was a unique expereince. It’s the first time I took part. Usually, I come to support my husband and his family and this time they gave a chance to women, and I made it untll the end. It is all thanks to my husband because if he had not assembled my car, I would not have done it.”

Asked what advice she would give to others to win the derby, Jessica said, “well that’s not something I’m going to tell you!”

Michaela Sammut, driving a Volkswagen Polo, had to abandon her car after smoke started coming out from the front of the vehicle. She said that although she did not win, she still feels satisfied to have reached the final phase.

“At first it is a bit scary. You press the breaks all the time, but then you become more confident. Towards the end, you start getting excited, because you realise you are close and the car starts slowing down and there is the possibility that it might stop – but it is a wonderful experience no matter who wins.”

This was the first time the Association of Motor Sports and Cars have organised a Ladies’ Demolition Derby. The Secretary of the Association, Johan Pace had words of praise for all the participants.

“Compared with other demolitions, I think women are more exact when they come to hitting the other car and even in the way they implement the rules – I think that is the difference we saw. Their husbands said the same thing while watching the show,” said Mr Pace.

For this competition, cars which are less than four metres in length could take part.

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