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WATCH: Former satanist who found himself face to face with the devil

A scary warning from Vince Marshall, who as a former satanist often found himself face to face with the devil.

Vince, who used to work in a hotel, recounts how a gift from a Pakistani sailor, after he had provided the sailor with a roof over his head, changed his life. The gift had been a box containing a human skull, and an envelope with details on how he could make contact with the skull.

This satanic head took over Vince’s life, until a girl who worked at the same hotel urged him to speak to a priest. Vince ended up in hospital in agony, and it was at this stage that he decided to speak with an exorcist. He invited the exorcist home, and the latter started praying over him.

The devil even tempted him at his home during the prayer sessions. And satanists started chasing him. What actually had connected Vince to satanism? Will he manage to avoid this situation?

Watch Vince’s experience in this service by Glen Falzon on yesterday’s Insights programme.

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